My name is Matteo Teti, photographer and videomaker from Turin.
I started to shoot photos for passion, without any formal instruction, and in 2013 I decided to begin my career as a self-taught freelance photographer. Today my passion has become my job.
After one year, my need for more advanced knowledge pushed me to enroll in a videomaking course where I specialized in visual effects. 
Later, I worked as an intern for 3 months in a media production company in Milan, where was the production assistant. 
In the last few years I worked as a cameramen in “The Black Studio”, a You Tube channel dealing with the live streaming and sport events. Besides my freelence career, I also work with different professionals and advertising companies in many grounds: weddings, events, corporate, photo features, videoclips.
This trip allowed me to gain greater insight into the fields of both photography and video, and thanks to these experiences, to the knowledge of the main editing software and the use of different equipement ( video camera, ronin, stadycam, slider, crane…)  I consider myself a skilled photographer and videomaker. 
 I can therefore offer a 360° service managing the entire production process.

If a Picture is worth a thousand words,
imagine what a Video can do

Express, Emote, connect and send your story through our projects

During these years of work
I had the opportunity to work
As a photographer in various



I work as a video operator, but I
also run full projects from
preproduction to video delivery.
In my video work, it must never
miss emotion, dynamism and


I have an advanced video editing knowledge. Excellent production capability with Adobe Premiere Pro, but also uses the final x pro cut. I also have a good knowledge of 3D programs like 4D cinema, which I use for 3D tracking and basic compositing.

Motion graphics & 3D

Videos that tell your story


What my Clients Say

  • He has been responsible, dynamic and carried out his duties with precision and professionalism. He has demonstrated the ability to manage the workflow in order to achieve a high quality audiovisual product,as requested by us. It is for these reasons that I am pleased to reccomend Matteo.

    Uber Marketing Manager
    Giuseppe Augelli
  • I was very impressed with his work ethic and the skill with which he completed the projects entrusted to him. He has been able to satisfy my requests and those of web designers and developers. Matteo proved to be a very talented and creative photo professional, and always carried out his duties with precision and professionalism, respecting our requirements and deadlines.

    Founder and CEO Desantis Group
    Massimiliano Desantis

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